A B.I.T. graduate, Berklee College of Music alumnus, former B.I.T. instructor, I've been teaching electric bass in Los Angeles since 1988.

The Bass Lessons for 4-5-6-string Bass players focus on:

Finger Funk
Walking Bass Lines
Ear Training

I also develop a practice schedule for the student, designed to fit his/her needs.

Here are some quotes from a few of my students:

"John's vast knowledge of theory and groove, and his mastery of the instrument, are worth the time alone. But his personality and philosophy on music unrelated to the note on the page make the time essential."
- Bill Wingfield Paso Robles CA
"One of John's great strengths as a teacher is that he really knows how to break down complicated ideas and explain them in a way that is easy to understand. He inspires me by his experience as a player and is full of expert techniques and knowledge that makes your playing advance quickly. John is an amazing musician and his passion for and his skill with bass is a gift that he gives to every student."
- Catherine Luna -San Pedro CA
"It's rare for great musicians to be great teachers too. John possesses both qualities. My previous teachers were good musicians however they couldn't facilitate learning. John has truly helped me understand not just the bass instrument but music altogether"
- Victor Sargissian- Ventura CA
"John's broad knowledge and approach to teaching harmony and theory have really helped me with my playing, whether it be jazz, R&B, or rock. I highly recommend John as a bass teacher!"
Gary Stevenson Toluca Lake CA
"John has helped me to improve my technique and expand my understanding of music theory. But more importantly, his approach to teaching enables one to see how new and relatively abstract concepts can be applied directly. I can't thank him enough."
- Tony Cracchiola- Santa Monica CA
"John is great teacher and he has taken my playing to the next level. He is the king of Finger Funk! John structures his lesson plans to fit into even the busiest schedule. If you're looking to bring your level of playing to the next level, give John a call."
- Mark Knell Agoura Hills CA
"John has always managed to teach me great bass techniques and ideas. He is an excellent bass player and has a lot of patience with his students."
- Velvet Dallesandro Los Angeles CA
"In just a few weeks I've learned more from John than I did in ten years of reading self-instructional books/cd/videos. If music is your passion, then John's the perfect music teacher."
- Jeff Appleton- Grover Beach CA
"John's dedication to the bass is inspiring. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving and becoming a better player."
- Guy Silliman -Playa Del Rey CA
"John is one of the best around, has opened up new doors in what I can learn and has made me a much better bass player."
- Bryce Donaldson- Atascadero CA